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The Company is Leading First-Class Medical Service with the True
Corporate Philosophy of Respecting Life by Putting Decent Human Life
and Clean Environment First and Frontier Spirit.


Product Licensing
Classification Product Name Permit Number
Synthetic Material Grafting Bone
Synthetic Material Bone for Grafting
Granule Wedge Permission Number 11-1392
Cylinder Block
Composite Material Grafting Bone
Composite Material Bone for Grafting
Collagen Granule Collagen Wedge Permission Number 16-383
Collagen Cylinder Collagen Block Permission Number 16-409
Collagen Injection
Collagen Putty Permission Number 17-777
Composite Material Grafting Bone
Composite Materials for Bone graft (Dental Use)
Collagen D-Injection Permission Number 18-15
Collagen D-Putty Permission Number 18-16
Biomaterial Grafting Bone
Bio Material Bone for Grafting
DBM Putty Permission Number 19-105
DBM Sylinge Permission Number 19-111
Title Date Registered Registration
1 Scaffold Manufacturing method and Scaffolds Manufactured Using Such (SDF-1α/Collagen) PCT 2015.10.30.
(Application Date)
Patent Application (Application Number : PCT/KR2015/011559)
2 Scaffold Manufacturing method and Scaffolds Manufactured Using Such (SDF-1α/Collagen) 2015. 6. 4.
(Application Date)
Patent Registration (Application Number : 10-2015-0078905)
3 Bone Fixation Device for Osteotomy 2015. 11. 16. Patent Registration (Patent No. 30-0823312)
4 Bone Fixation Device for Osteotomy 2015. 10. 29. Patent Registration (Patent No. 30-0823311)
5 Multi-Slope Synthetic Bone Wedge 2015. 07. 01. Patent Registration (Patent No. 10-1534624)
6 Composition and Manufacturing Method for Multi-Porous Calcium Phosphate Powder with Dual Porous Structure by Physical Foaming 2013. 05. 22. Patent Registration (Patent No. 10-1268408)
7 Calcium Phosphate Scaffold Manufacturing Device and its Manufacturing Method 2013. 01. 31. Patent Registration (Patent No. 10-1230704)
Research Projects
Project Name Hosted by Period
Development of Scaffolds for Bone Restoration using the Patient’s Bone Marrow Stem Cells and Intelligent Drug Delivery System Leading Industry Development for Economic Region 2009.12 - 2012.04
Development of Centrifuge and Kit for Blood Separation and Purification for PRF Operation Small and Medium Business Administration 2011.06 - 2012.05
Development of Bone Graft Material with Collagen-Coated Macro/Micro Dual Porous Structure Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation 2015.09 - 2016.08
Collagen-Containing Tissue Supplement Ministry of SMEs and Startups 2015.09 - 2016.03
Development of Next-Generation Bone Graft Material Containing Stem Cell Regression-Type Growth Factor Daegu Institute for Regional Program Evaluation 2016.03 - 2017.12
Development of Collagen-Containing Injection-Type Bone Graft Material Small and Medium Business Administration 2016.06 - 2017.02
Development of Collagen-Containing Putty-Type Bone Graft Material Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation 2016.11 - 2017.10
Development of Absorbable PLLA Nanofiber Artificial Dura Mater Product through the Establishment of Melt Electrospinning Continuous Production Process, a Solvent-Free Clean Technology Daegu Institute for Regional Program Evaluation 2017.01 - 2017.12
Development of DBM Putty Bone Graft Material Prototype using Collagen as Carrier Daegu Technopark 2017.11 - 2018.01
Development of Diabetic Ulcer Collagen Dressing Foam Product using Human (Bovine) Amnion Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation 2017.12 - 2019.11
Development and Manufacturing of Injection-Type Collagen Hemostatic Prototype Daegu Technopark 2018.07 - 2018.12
Marketing for Sales Effect of DBM Putty Products Daegu Technopark 2019.06 - 2019.10
Manufacturing of Syringe-Type wound Dressing Prototype using Human Amnion Daegu Technopark 2019.07 - 2019.12

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